Moog Werkstatt Eurorack Adaptor

I figured out a way to mount my Werkstatt on my Eurorack and thought I would share the model on Shapeways.

Before you buy this…

…please read the disclaimers.

Before you buy

Things to consider before you purchase an adaptor on Shapeways:

– Do the feet on your Werkstatt match the feet on mine? Print out this

and cut out the holes for the feet. Remove the feet from the bottom of your Werkstatt and make sure the holes match.  It’s a JPEG (sorry) so there might be some scaling errors.  I’m working on a PDF with a ruler so you can measure things for a perfect comparison.

But for those who march blindly in to possible defeat…

– Do you have room for it on your rack? I found some worst-case modules to put next to mine.


How will the Werkstatt cables route around your rig or interfere with controls on other boards?


Do you want to route power and sound inside the Eurorack?  If so, you’ll need to cut holes in the bottom of your Werkstatt, I left room for that:

Assembly instructions

Collect your parts and tools

I strongly suggest you use a nut driver to attach the nuts.  I’ve done metalwork and motorcycle restoration for years and had trouble starting these nuts by hand.  With a nut driver it was trivial to get the nuts on the studs and tighten them in to place.

  • Six screws and nuts for your Eurorack
  • Four M6 fender washers
  • Four M6 nuts
  • Nut driver (not shown) that fits your M6 nuts

Mount the adapter to Eurorails

This is the time to make certain everything is square and the screws are properly torqued.  After this step, you will no longer have access to the Eurorack screws.

Mount the Werkstatt bottom to the adaptor

Go easy on the torque.  If you’re worried about things coming loose during transportation, use lock washers or Loccite (equiv) to hold the nuts in place.

Replace the circuit board

Test-fit the cover

The first few pieces I tested were not perfectly flat on the rails, the top half of the Werkstatt didn’t fit properly.